Church History

Our local church goes back to the early 1700’s as a German Baptist congregation in a wood frame building. In some cases two congregations would share one church building. These were called Union Churches. We do not know if this is where the name of our Sunday school and church building, Baumstown Union Sunday School, came from. Our oldest Bible is in German.

Daniel Boone who lived just down the road as a child might have attended here. His older brother later became a Baptist preacher. Daniel Boone’s wife and children were Baptists as seen in the church roll membership in North Carolina and Kentucky Baptist churches they attended. Daniel Boone’s parents excommunicated him because of their Quaker faith. When he became old enough he left home to start his life.

We have a Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission Marker for Daniel Boone in the right of way besides the church. The marker text is: Greatest American pioneer and wilderness scout. Born Nov. 2, 1734. Spent the first 16 years of his life on the Boone Homestead a few miles north. Now a state historical shrine dedicated to American youth.

During the mid 1800’s Dwight (DL) Moody and Wannamaker had a great revival in this area and established Baumstown Union Sunday School for the children here in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. DL Moody founded and established our historic local church building as what it is known as today as the Baumstown Union Sunday School. The wood frame building was torn down and a brick building was established. Moody said we needed to establish here today a more solid building on a sure foundation. The local church members established themselves under a preacher from Roger William’s First Baptist Church. The congregation under their Pastor established Bible Baptist Church with the previous membership and joined in this great endeavor with Moody and established their Sunday School with a Church bell. The church bell rung Sunday morning to announce Sunday School was ready to start in the new building. The church was packed with children every Sunday morning for well over 100 years.

We today as Daniel Boone Bible Baptist Church and the Baumstown Union Sunday School continue the work of preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Grace of God. We support missions in five differnt countries: Australia, Brazil, Korea, Mexico and Uganda. We also go soulwinning in our local community.

The building in the late 1920’s went through repairs and rewiring for electric power. We continue now in the beginning of the 21 century to preserve our historical Daniel Boone Bible Baptist Church and the Baumstown Union Sunday School.

In 2011 as a part of our celebration of the 400th anniversary celebration of the King James Bible we opened the cornerstone of our church which was placed there in 1924. We found: a King James Bible, a handwritten list of all church members (one family is still active in the church and several families were still in the community), a large and small cent (penny) and a copy of the local newspaper.

We stand for the truth of the Bible as Moody did and continue to proclaim the message “Jesus Saves.” We invite you to come see our historical building and attend our services. On Sunday morning at 9:45 Am we have Sunday School and at 10:30 Am we have Morning Worship Service. For the mid-week service on Thursday evening at 7:00 Pm we have Bible Study and Prayer Service. From spring through fall we go out on Visitation and go Soulwinning on Thursday to invite folks to church and pass out Gospel tracks. We would love for you to attend our services.

Everyone is welcome to come worship the Lord with us.

Bible History from the Founding Fathers

Some years ago, the University of Houston’s political science department undertook a study to determine where our founding Fathers got their input and ideas. The study extended for 10 years. From an initial collection of 16,000 of the founders’ writings, 3,154 items were selected as having the greatest impact on our founding. As they searched for the men most quoted, they were led to three – Baron Montesquieu (French philosopher – 8.3 percent), Sir William Blackstone (English jurist – 7.9 percent) and John Locke (English philosopher – 2.9 percent).

Blackstone’s works were used as the a basic source of law for the Colonies; Montesquieu greatly influenced the writing of the Constitution; Locke’s works were influential in Jefferson’s writing the Declaration of Independence.

However, the researchers found that the Bible was quoted 16 times more often than these three men. 34 percent of all of the founders’ quotes were straight from the Bible. Another 60 percent of the founders’ quotes were merely quotes of me who had themselves quoted the bible. Thus 94 percent of the founders’ quotes were either directly or indirectly from the Bible.

Most material from Don Burcky in Bowie (Maryland) Blade-News.